Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Radiolab: "Sleep" (The Tetris effect)

Radiolab is my favorite show on NPR. It alone is a solid reason why any politician who wants to defund public broadcasting must never be taken seriously is a fucking moron. In the latest episode of the incredibly entertaining and informative show, the investigators find the most important piece of science literature on dreams in the last forty years focuses on the Tetris effect, the phenomenon in which gamers see Tetris pieces in their sleep. A researcher found that 60% of his test group dreamed about Tetris after playing it for prolonged periods of time.

My friend and I played several hours of Civilization 5 last Saturday and both of us had dreams about the game. My girlfriend admits to experiencing the Tetris effect when she played a lot of Bejeweled. I've gotten it from Minecraft and paintball among other things.

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