Short Stories

Table of Contents

Dear Humans (2016)
How much time did we think we had left, anyway?

Click-Click-Click-Click (2016)
Owning a pet isn't always fun.

The Day Before (2016)
A story about a big bad thing.

The Universal Set (2016)
You're an idiot and everyone hates you.

The Bloodymare (2015)
A fantasy story about a man with half a brain and really big fists.

Who Wants to be a Doctor? (2014)
This link is half blog post, half story, and all tribute to the "Deadly Game" subgenre.

Phantasmagoria (2013)
A haunted house in an amusement park takes a turn for the worse.

Fusion (2012)
My first published fiction. Originally published in Interstellar Fiction.

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